Programs Sponsored by the American College of Surgeons

An accomplished Plastic Surgeon and owner of The Breazeale Clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dr. Ed Breazeale belongs to the American College of Surgeons (ACS). The largest professional organization for surgeons in the United States and Canada, the ACS oversees a number of programs that provide valuable support for surgery professionals. Here is a brief overview of some of the programs and divisions sponsored by the ACS.

Education: To ensure a high standard of performance among surgeons and others involved in the surgical care industry, the ACS offers a number of continuing education programs. The ACS strives to become one of the most widely recognized educational resources for surgeons across the country by establishing top-quality educational programs and new performance benchmarks. Examples of educational programs offered by the ACS include general surgery review courses, rural surgery workshops, fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery, and a variety of conferences and seminars on leadership within the surgical profession.

Trauma programs: Through a series of trauma initiatives, the ACS seeks to improve the quality of care in the wake of traumas at local, regional, national, and international levels. To accomplish its goal, the ACS has established a number of programs that address issues such as outcome assessment, education, standards of care, and professional development.

Research and patient care: Through its Division of Research and Optimal Patient Care, the ACS helps surgeons draw upon the best available technology and scientific research while maintaining high standards of patient care. To accomplish this goal, the ACS promotes the participation of surgeons in the laboratory setting, and supports a collaborative effort among ACS divisions such as the Division of Education and the Division of Health Policy.

Cancer programs: The ACS Commission on Cancer (CoC) is a comprehensive cancer care program that seeks to improve standards of patient care across the country and support cancer patients and their families as they battle this deadly disease. The Cancer Liaison Program, one of the primary activities of the CoC, draws upon a nationwide network of volunteers dedicated to the cause of supporting clinical cancer-related activities in their local communities.

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