Why Do We Get Wrinkles? By Dr. Ed Breazeale of the Breazeale Clinic

By Dr. Ed Breazeale

Everyone’s body eventually forms wrinkles since they naturally develop during the aging process. Fortunately, a number of treatments exist to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, with proper skin care, the speed of developing wrinkles decreases.

The reason we acquire wrinkles lies in the constitution of skin, which consists of three primary layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is the outermost layer, which contains older skin cells, mostly keratinocytes, that gradually migrate toward the surface. The middle layer of skin, the dermis, contains the younger keratinocytes as well as a number of structural tissues. Each of these tissues retains a different function and contributes to the texture and feel of skin. Tautness and elasticity of skin stem from the configuration of the dermis. Connective tissues make up the third skin layer and provide nutrients and reinforcement to the upper layers. The subcutaneous tissue, upon which the meshwork of connective tissues sits, consists of fatty cells and gives skin the appearance of plumpness. The diagram below shows the various layers of skin:

As skin ages, fewer epidermal cells develop, leading to a loss of moisture and a thinning out of the top layer of skin. The structure below the skin becomes weakened, offering less tautness and support. Nutrient flow to the skin also decreases, making it difficult for the body to produce new skin tissues. In addition, the subcutaneous layer also thins out, reducing the appearance of plumpness. All of these factors add to the development of wrinkles. Sun damage or habitual facial expressions that stretch the skin also contribute, accentuating the effects of the natural-aging process.

Antiwrinkle treatments have been designed to reverse some of the effects of aging skin, such as moisture loss and decreased elasticity. To learn more about your options for combating wrinkles, go to the Breazeale Clinic website at www.breazealeclinic.com.

— A successful cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ed Breazeale manages the Breazeale Clinic, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. His facility provides a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical treatments, ranging from liposuction to Botox injections.